The Great and the Gracious on Millionaire’s Row


O’Brien, Kathryn

The families that are represented in The Great and the Gracious had impressive credentials. Included in their number were philanthropists, opera singers, artists, scientists, sportsmen, publishers, financiers, and occasionally a spectacular lawbreaker – all of national and some of international reputation. Lavishly illustrated with historic photos, the reader will delight in these tales.

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Lake George Reflections, Island History and Lore


Leonbruno, Frank

In Lake George Reflections Frank Leonbruno has recounted his experience of forty-two years as a New York State ranger on Lake George from 1941 to 1983, the last ten years as Supervisor of Lake George Operations. This book is manifold and is based on Leonbruno’s own reminiscences, conversations with Lake George area natives and campers, and his own research into historical documents. It relates the history of individual islands– both private and state owned. The book addresses important environmental issues, specifically focusing on the severe erosion which is occurring on many of the islands. Not only is Lake George Reflections an important book for everyone who knows and loves the lake, and a wonderful introduction for all others, it is the definitive book on camping on the Lake George islands.

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Great Camps of the Adirondacks


Kaiser, Harvey

Adolph Lewisohn, requiring a staff of forty to minister to his guests’ comfort in the wilds of the Adirondacks, imported to his camp a major-domo, barber, caddy, chess-player, singing teacher, and two chauffeurs, Majorie Merriweather Post made do with eighty-five servants for the sixty-five building of Topridge, which was approached by a private funicular railway and graced by a Russian dacha a token of affection for her third husband, a former ambassador to the Soviet Union.

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The Making of American Resorts


Saratoga Sprints, Ballston Spa, Lake George

What factors create a successful resort? How did the rise of lavish hotels and spas reflect the changing values of American society as the nineteenth century progressed? Historians have argued that resorts were created to meet the demands of a leisured social elite. Theodore Corbett offers a fresh, compelling argument, demonstrating that resorts created and re-created themselves to keep pace with changing times. Success came with anticipating demands, not just reacting to them.


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Local History Organizations

Local History Organizations

Adirondack Architectural Heritage


Adirondack History


Bolton Landing Historical Society


Chapman Museum


Fort Ticonderoga


The Hancock House


The Hyde Collection


Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council


Lake George Historical Society


Washington County Historical Society

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Huletts Landing on Lake George (Images of America)


Huletts Landivng is located on the east shore of Lake George, a lake world renowned for its crystal clear water and views of the majestic Adirondack Mountains. Named after the original owners of the property, the Huletts, the area began humbly. It was not until Philander Hulett established the first post office and steamship landing that tourism in the area began to flourish. The area grew into a resort destination with the establishment of the original Huletts Hotel, which burned down and resulted in a sensational arson trial in 1917. A second, newer hotel was built, and the area thrived. Residents and tourists alike still travel from all areas of the country to spend vacations at Huletts Landing, basking in its mix of unparalleled charm and natural beauty.



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