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Recollections of Summers At Huletts Landing, Circa 1950

We are very lucky to have a memoir by Paul V. Turner, a retired professor of Art History at Stanford University, who told us that he had recently been recalling events from his childhood when his family spent summers at Huletts Landing. Looking for information about Huletts to jog his memory, he found our website and its oral histories. We encouraged him to write down his recollections. Says Paul, “I have no idea whether they will be of interest to anyone, but I’ve enjoyed calling up these memories—and it’s made me realize that those summers at Huletts were a formative experience for me in certain ways.” We are happy to share such evocative memories of not only life in Huletts but also the people who shared their love of the lake with Paul, especially Louise Woods Marsh. Paul is the much-published author of works on the architects Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Joseph Ramée, and the history of the American campus, among other subjects.

Click here for a beautifully illustrated memoir of Paul’s childhood and his family’s friendship with the marvelous Mrs. Marsh, one of Huletts Landings more memorable residents!

Turner children welcoming barber shop quartet groups


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