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President’s Letter

July 20, 2020

President’s Letter

Covid Response – We have discussed how to proceed for the planned 2020 Summer season.  The majority of those consulted were strongly in favor of cancelling the programs over concern for the possible effects of the virus and a strong desire not to be the locus of any local outbreak.  So, with concern for our community health, FHHL is cancelling the formal Summer programs.  Still, we want to keep momentum to the extent that we can. Stay tuned, as this could change if New York continues to push the number of cases downward.

Our activity in the past few years has resulted in the art, sculpture, and photography shows, an annual art auction, children’s programs, and Summer evening programs covering a wide range of interesting subjects.

 Trustees Meeting – We will arrange to get together sometime over the Summer.

 FHHL donated $250. to the New York food bank, which hopefully will actually help provide food for the needy instead of handouts to the greedy which is too often the case with government programs.

Library – The Ladies Guild maintains the book collection.  It is always desirable to improve the quality of the collection, so selected book donations (and now DVDs) are greatly appreciated.  Items of local historical iinterest should be addressed to FHHL.

The current thinking is that the library will open two or three mornings a week with or without an attendant.  We will try for  (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10:00-12:00) or at other hours by arrangement

People should self-limit numbers at one time, observe social distancing guidelines, and wear masks when inside. The Ladies Guild will post hours on the library door and in Post Office.  If you can volunteer as a docent for any one of these days please call Barbara Gries or Louise Davidson.  Books can be dropped off at these hours.

 Oral Histories – Our Oral History project has made significant progress under Marian Knight’s direction.  Around 30 interviews have been completed and most transcribed and put on the Website or in 3-Ring binders that are available at the HL&G for all to enjoy.

We need someone to take over for Marian to keep the project moving forward, mainly in organizing additional interviews.  Also, several of the interview transcriptions and accompanying photos are posted on our website  This Summer will see additional interviews.  We do need help with interviews, transcription, and we need help to deal with publicity and finding additional ways to utilize this important resource.  This is a fun project and a great way to get to know more about Huletts.  There are many otherf tasks that need attention.  Volunteers are sought.

Digitizing Huletts History

Images of Huletts and the Lake from vintage postcards, photo collections, etc. are shown on a flat screen monitor at the HL&G.  A number of “shows” have been prepared (they really need more artistic input than this engineer can provide).  These will be run during regular HL&G hours.  Instructions as to how to select and run any of the shows are posted so anyone can come anytime and browse.

We also have a few posters to show some of the items like an 1892 Huletts House brochure and the steamboats of the lake from 1815 to 1939.  These will be on display at the HL&G over the Summer.

Gallery ShopWill operate on an honor system.  We are still selling Huletts Landing note cards, large format prints, books of regional interest, and other items as fundraisers.  Volunteers who are interested in developing new items should contact Jim McMaster.

New Fundraising Items for Sale

  • Stoddard 1906-7-8 Hydrographic Map of Lake George. A vertical map showing Lake Depths. Gift of David and Marian Knight.
  • Steamboat Timeline – a bar graph showing when each of Lake George’s major steam or tour boats from 1807 to 2020.
  • Adirondack themed face masks – Wendy Galbraith has made several of these which will be sold from the Marina, the HL&G, and by contacting Wendy ( ) directly. $10, half goes to support FHHL.

E-Mail List – Be sure to keep your E-mail address up to date or send changes to      You do not have to be a Member to be included on this list.

Membership – We are largely dependent on membership to fund the programs.  We do need continuing help and encourage you to join at whatever level you can, and to then participate in events or get involved however you can.

Treasury – Our expenses include program costs, electric power, insurance, and some building maintenance. Dues are a key part of the revenue needed to sustain the programs.  If you can, please pay regular dues or some portion thereof (see below).  Checks can be sent to Tom Keating, Treasurer FHHL at PO Box 82, Huletts Landing.

Work Day – There will be no formal work day this year, but that should not stop someone who want to do something from just doing it.  We do need general clean-up of the grounds, leaves along the back of the building could be moved to the “natural area” behind the telephone terminal box, sticks and blowdowns to the roadside where (maybe) the town crews will pick them up.  And nice plantings are always good.

General MeetingsTentatively cancelled, but watch for updates.  It was scheduled for Saturday, August 27, 2016. 9:00-10:30 HL&G


James A. McMaster, President


2020 Membership Classes and Dues

Junior-Senior – for single people either under 19 or over 80 years old      $   10.

Family –                                                                                               $   30.

Single person over 19 and under 80                                   $   20.

Friend – individual or family that can do more             $   50.

Historian – individual or family that

wishes to do more                                                                    $ 100.



Board of Trustees

Class of 2018

Con Darcy                                                 499-2523                          

Art Levy                                                    499-0172                          

Marguerite Fredrick                                  499-2867                          

Kathleen Fredrick                                     499-3867                           


Class of 2017

Arnie Galbraith                                         499-0608                           

Barbara Wilford                                        499-0739                           

Millie Gorman                                           499-1131                           

Barbara Semcken                                      499-1221                            


Class of 2016

Tom Keating                                             499-2365                           

Donna Matthews                                       499-1837                           

Toni Richards                                           499-1352                            

Floyd Milbank                                          499-0192                           

Lucy White                                               499-1502                           

Suzanne Straton                                        4992300                            



Marian Knight                                           499-2955                          



Jim McMaster, President                          744-9343                           

Lucinda Bhavsar, Vice-President              499-2659                          

Barbara Semcken, Secretary                     499-1221                           

Tom Keating, Treasurer                            499-2365                           


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