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COVID-19 Warnings for Huletts

Fellow Residents and Visitors,

This note is prompted by a conversation with Jay Vanderplatt regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic and Huletts Community response to it.  See Jay’s not to the HLVFD volunteers at the end of this note.

At first glance, Huletts seems an ideal place to shelter.  Maybe not.  Think again.

Consider: New York has the highest number of confirmed cases of any state in the U. S., mostly downstate, but that is also where the most effort is being supplied.  There are now several in Washington County.

New York has an inclusive travel ban that allows only visits to doctors, for true emergencies, and an occasional trip to the grocery store.  Thus, even coming to Huetts at this stage is likely illegal.  Even if you feel OK, it would be hard to come here without having at least some contact with others, so you could inadvertently become a carrier.  And while I hope the cops won’t shoot anyone, I suspect they will be less that friendly and are likely to be under instruction to send you back where you started, if nothing else, as a message that the travel ban is to be taken seriously.

We already have one individual who is carrying the virus who was ordered to shelter in place.  He came here to do it, but stopped at the Post Office on his way in, and then went to his camp.  That  puts us, per capita, right up there with the City itself in terms of the percentage of carriers.

Our fire department first responders are not equipped to handle people who have Covid-19.  For the most part, they are unable to get the supplies needed to even provide help.  Even help from Whitehall may be delayed for an hour or more.  If you really have a CV-19 emergency, the cherished remoteness of Huletts may prove fatal.

You may well be better off staying where you are and where your doctor and medical records are.

By my personal experience, ambulances called in can take a couple hours to get here, so trained and equipped medical help may not be available in a timely manner.  And I am told that ambulances are not equipped to provide emergency ventilation.

We have the same problems with supply of items being hoarded as you may be experiencing at home.  I can tell you that at least some of the grocery stores that normally stocked were “wiped out” out of toilet paper last week.  Please don’t add to that problem.

If you are here, you really must shelter in place and limit all but essential travel, if I understand the Governor Cuomo’s order.  Remember that every time you do go out, you risk becoming a carrier, and can thus transmit to others.  Yes, go for a walk and get outdoors, but observe as rigorously as possible the precautions of social distancing and not touching any surface at risk of contact with someone carrying the virus.  Even if you just go to the Post Office, you risk contact.  Personally, I treat everyone I see as if they had the disease and were highly contagious.

Check the Huletts Current, Facebook/historichuletts, and your regular E-mails for any updates.

Jim McMaster


Jay sent the following message out to his firemen on Sunday

From: Jay Vander Plaat <>
Date: Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 9:58 AM
To: Jim McMaster <>, Jim McMaster <>
Subject: Huletts

Every day I watch more and more people roll in to Social Distance in place.

We do have one person who announced at the post office that he was here to Quaritine at home because of a exposure.

Things for you to consider.

Even though we have a really great first responder crew 2 of them are in FL and 1 is working every day as a paid EMT in Ti, because they are down to 4 members willing to respond.

When we became EMTs or first responders our fear was “Blood Born Pathogens” so rubber gloves and a face mask was all the PPE that was required..

Now the required equipment is rubber disposable gowns, face shields and goggles. Treatment protocols have also changed. What was available in ambulance like nebulizer are no longer available. This equipment is all back ordered at county and state level, so how do we treat anyone.

So as your Fire Chief? Safety officer. I have to ask the question. Is Huletts really as safe as you would like to think.

I spoke to someone who arrived in Landing yesterday. The question was asked if I had a list of all the DRs and Nurses in Landing.


Do they carry the required Personal Protective Equipment with them?


Doctor, Dentist and Eye Dr office are closed. Only an actual patient is allowed into Hospital.


All county offices are closed. Food shopping is probably the biggest exposure risk factor and it is a hit or miss thing. CVS in Whitehall is going nuts with the prescription changes to 60 day supply up from 30.


County has supplied us with hand sanitizer made by our prisons.


Just sharing some of my concerns for you.




Your Fire Chief

Jay Vander Plaat


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Clemons “Date Meets Zip” Celebration

Time Noon to 4pm Dresden Town Hall

Every hundred years, for some Post Offices, including Huletts Landing 12841 and Clemons 12819 in the Town of Dresden, the date equals the zip code.  This December 8, 2019, the Clemons Post Office 12819 Zip Code meets that date.   The United States Post Office has approved a specialty postmark for this occasion.

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Children’s Summer Art Workshop

Time 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM Huletts Library and Gallery

All children three and older are invited to a great summer Art Workshop focusing on watercolor art. The event is hosted by the FHHL and the art educator from the wonderful Hyde Collection museum in Glens Falls. The event is rain or shine and a $5 donation per child is suggested to offset material costs.


RSVP 518-499-0222

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Annual Members Meeting

Time 9am Huletts Landing Library & Gallery

We hope you’ll participate in the annual meeting of The Friends Historic Huletts Landing  and bring ALL your ideas and suggestions for how we can make it even better and honor our rich history while still making it relevant and exciting for generations to come.


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Huletts Landing Community Supper

Time 6pm Washington County Park Pavilion

Sponsored by the Women’s Guild of Huletts Landing, come on out and enjoy an evening with our sacred community of Huletts Landing for the annual Community Supper!

Please bring a large prepared main dish or salad to share.

Please also bring your own cutlery, dishwater and preferred cocktail.

Ice tea, lemonade, water and desserts provided

All are welcome and encouraged to join, so gather all your friends and family and join us as we celebrate our wonderful community.

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Why Build the Northern Canal and Its Impact on Canal Communities

Time 7:30pm Mountain Grove Memorial Church

Have you ever biked along Erie Canal, perhaps spotted it on your drive and admired it? Well now you can learn why it was built and how its construction impacted canal communities.

Brad L. Utter, Senior Historian & Curator of New York State Committee on Geographic Names at the New York State Museum will be giving a historical lecture on why the Northern Canal was built and how it impacted the surrounding communities.

Wednesday August 14th, 2019

Mountain Grove Memorial Church






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New York City Landmarks

Time 7:30pm Mountain Grove Memorial Church

How come this distinguished looking building is NOT a New York Landmark? Find out why when Tom Keating presents his talk on New York Landmarks!

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Lighting the Cities and Hotels in New York State Before Electricity

Time 7:30pm Mountain Grove Memorial Church

Everyday we all enjoy our cities and take for granted that we can see so easily at night, but how did everyone get by before there was electricity? How did all the opulent hotels stay illuminated? How was the city that never sleeps so bright? Or was it?

Join us on WEDNESDAY, July 17th as John Ripp (who spent 40 years studying and remediating 19th century manufactured gas plants throughout the country including old gas works in Troy, Ballston Spa, Saratoga, Glens Falls and Whitehall) discusses how iconic New York cities & hotels were lit before electricity.


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Geometric Drawings by Tom Keating & Jim Keating

Time 5pm - 7pm Huletts Landing Library & Gallery

We’re honored to feature geometric drawings by local legends Tom Keating and Jim Keating.

Is it nature or nurture?  Why did two brothers make drawings within the same genre without either one ever knowing what the other one was doing?

Find out more, view their drawings, sip wine, snack on cheese and mingle with friends at the opening reception on July 27th from 5 – 7pm at The Huletts Library & Gallery

Their work will be on display thru August 22nd.

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Come to the Firehouse Open House and Poster Contest

Time 2pm to 4pm Fire House

You are cordially invited to the Huletts Landing Volunteer Fire Company Open House. Come get to know your fire department and its resources better and enjoy free ice cream sandwiches.  Every 15 minutes a “Stop the Bleed” kit will be given away and training provided.

Also, encourage your kids and grandkids to enter the poster contest to win fame and prizes in three age categories. Click here for all the details of the contest.

Feel free to call Fire Chief Jay at 518-480-9595 with any questions.

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“All That Jazz” | Wine in the Park Fundraiser

Time 6pm - 8pm Washington County Park Pavilion

Join us out in the park for a fun evening of mingling and jazz for the Women’s Guild of Huletts Landing Annual Fundraising Event!

$10 per person donation and please bring a bottle of wine and appetizer to share!

All are welcome and gift baskets will be raffled off! So mark your calendars and grab your friends and family and come out on Friday, July 12th!

See yah soon!

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Nancy Smith Paintings | Art Show & Opening Reception

Time 5pm - 7pm Huletts Landing Library & Gallery

We’re honored to feature the beautiful paintings by the lovely and talented artist Nancy Smith.

Opening reception will be June 29th from 5 – 7pm at The Huletts Library & Gallery and we hope you’ll join us as we sip on drinks, mingle with friends and meet the artist.

Her works will be on display thru July.

Read more to see a few sneak peeks of her works before the show!

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Annual Spring Trustees Meeting

Time 9 am Huletts Library & Gallery

We hope you’ll attend the first Trustees Meeting of 2019!

This meeting is open to the public and it’s a great time to catch up and discuss what’s coming up this Summer.

Our Trustees & Officers are always thinking about new ways to make the Friends of Historic Huletts Landing fun and relevant to the community and we would love your input and feedback.

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Huletts Landing Preserve Ribbon Cutting

Time 1pm White House on Bluff Head Road

We hope you can join us as neighbors and key partners of the Lake George Land Conservancy’s (LGLC) in the recent conservation project in Huletts Landing. Join LGLC staff to celebrate the grand opening of the Leeming Jelliffe Preserve’s trail system, Friday, September 7, 2018. The event will include a ribbon-cutting and dedication of the preserve.

Dessert Reception afterwards.

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Huletts Landing Library & Gallery Clean Up Day

Time 8:30am - Noon Huletts Library & Gallery

Let’s keep our beloved Huletts Landing Library & Gallery looking beautiful!

Kick off the Summer lake season with us and converse with your fellow friends of Huletts Landing while we open the Library & Gallery, clean, pick up rubbish, rake leaves, weed, hang signs and do what we can to keep her looking sharp. We would LOVE your help and if you have tools even better!

Interested in helping? Read more for additional details.

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2019 Calendar

Available at FHHL events, the FHHL Gallery or the Marina

The 2019 Calendar features the distinctive photography of Carrie Marie Burr whose pictures of Huletts Landing houses were featured in Adirondack Life last fall.


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Still Time to See the Stoddard Show, Plus Pictures from the Reception

Time Gallery Hours FHHL Gallery

The Stoddard show will be displayed through the end of August at the Huletts Library and Gallery (open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, 10:00 to 12:00). Click to hear more about the event and see photos from July 25th. Beautiful Water & Light gift books available, all sales benefit the FHHL.




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Community Supper

Time 6:00pm Washington County Park Pavilion

The Huletts Landing Community Supper is scheduled for August 1.  It will take place in the Washington County Park Pavilion
and is sponsored by Women’s Guild of Huletts Landing.


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S. R. Stoddard’s Lake George Talk and Dessert Reception

Time 7:00pm Mountain Grove Memorial Church

Timothy Weidner, the distinguished head of the Chapman Museum, will be our guest speaker on July 25th. He will present a wonderfully illustrated talk on the work of the famous photographer Seneca Ray Stoddard around Lake George.



Followed by a dessert reception at the Huletts Library and Gallery at 7:45pm

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Ladies Guild “Wine in the Park”

Time 6:00pm-8:00pm Washington County Park Pavilion

Don’t miss this year’s “Wine in the Park” party with a “An Evening in Paris” theme.  The event is sponsored by the Ladies Guild of the Mountain Grove Memorial Church and benefits their Community Outreach program.

$10 donation per person

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Floating Classroom

Time 10:00am-Noon (please arrive @ 9:45am) Kapusinski Dock

Kids will love it when the Lake George Association’s Floating Classroom comes to Huletts this July 16th which is a Monday.  Learn more here….


Recommended donation $15

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CPR Training

Time 8:00am Huletts Firehouse

 The training is free.  The Huletts Landing Volunteer Fire Company sponsors the $50/person cost from its budget, and also provides coffee and those fantastic Historic Grounds Donuts.

 Registration starts Saturday, 7:00 am, class starts at 8:00 am

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Volunteer Work Morning

Time 9:00am-noon FHHL Gallery

This is our annual spring work morning at the Huletts Library and Gallery. We really need your help so come for an hour or the morning!

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Watercolors: In Memory of Mark Malmgren

Time 5:00pm to 7:00pm Huletts Library and Gallery

We are so pleased to be able to share the watercolors of Mark Malgrem. We hope you will join us for a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception at the Huletts Gallery and Library.

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Trustees Meeting

Time 9:00am Huletts Library and Gallery

Please attend the first Trustees Meeting of the year. A great time to catch up and think about new ways to make the Friends of Historic Huletts fun and relevant to the community.

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FHHL Featured in Adirondack Life

Adirondack Life magazine’s “At Home in the Adirondack’s” issue features a 10-page article showcasing Carrie Marie Burr’s photographs of three historic Huletts houses with a narrative by editor Annie Stoltie based on interviews with the homeowners. It is on news stands now. Featured are Lucy White’s 1882 “Seven Pines,” David and Marian Knight’s 1874 “Craigdarroch,” and Peter Suozzo’s 1917 “Ferncliff.”  The story also highlights our larger effort, capturing images for the Historic Camps of Huletts Landing Project on which FHHL and Carrie Marie Burr are working.



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FHHL Annual Meeting

Time 9:00 AM Huletts Library and Gallery

All are welcome at the FHHL Annual Meeting. It is an opportunity to volunteer and/or make suggestions for next year’s activities.

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Piano Concert: An Evening with Lincoln Mayorga

Time 7:30 PM Mountain Grove Memorial Church (now air-conditioned!)

Mr. Mayorga is bringing his incredible talent back to Huletts Landing with a program that will include the Preludes by Chopin, a salute to the “Tin-Pan Alley” songwriters of the 20th century, including Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Jerome Kern along with a dash of Disney! He has had a long career and the LA Times has called his artistry, “Impeccable pianism”. Tickets are $20 (cash or check) and may be purchased by contacting Barbara Wilford at 518-499-0739, Donna Williams at 518-499-2712 or



Proceeds will be used for community outreach.

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The Annual Silent Art Auction!

Time 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM FHHL Gallery

The auction invites the work of  talented amateurs and experienced professional artists of all ages who retain most of the sale price! Everyone with an artistic bent, whether photography, painting, hand crafts, sculpture or woodworking is invited to participate. Grandchildren’s work is especially popular with Grandparents. It’s a fun event and a chance to schmooze with your neighbors near the end of Summer.

This has been an extremely popular event each year and draws 80 to 100 people. It is a silent Auction where you write your bids on cards by the painting or other work of art. If you win you then pay our esteemed Treasurer-Curator-Event Organizer.

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Community Supper Potluck

Time 6:00 PM

Come enjoy a Huletts Landing Community Supper on Wednesday, July 26th at the Washington County Park Pavilion. Bring a large prepared main dish or salad to share. Iced tea, lemonade, water and desserts provided. BYO cutlery, dishwater and preferred cocktail.

Sponsored by The Women’s Guild of Huletts Landing.

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Fire House News

This newsletter information is a comprehensive update of the work of our volunteer fire department. Your 2016 donations enabled the community to obtain 5 AED’s and certify 75 residents in CPR . We now have Medical Direction from Glens Falls Hospital, for the community AED that is mounted on the caddie shack at the Huletts Golf Course. Our newly acquired Stair Chair has already been used 3 times in medical responses. Firemen are now being given additional video training at our fire house. An ice rescue pole, extending to 60 feet, has been added to our rescue and fire fighting equipment.

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Animals Around the World

Time 10:00 AM FHHL Gallery

Our first children’s event of the summer will be hosted by Bernie Hoffman of the Pember Museum and feature animals from around the globe. It is a hands-on morning, she will have hides or pelts, along with antlers and skulls of animals native to Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America and Australia. From Zebras to Kangaroos, it will be a world of fun. And of course she will bring an animal friend to introduce to everyone.

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Peter Mitchell, Adirondack Photographs

Time 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM FHHL Gallery

Please join us at a wine and cheese reception for the opening of our gallery show of the work of Peter Mitchell. The show will run until August 12, but don’t miss the opening. Peter Mitchell has lived, hiked and photographed Lake George for more than 30 years. His discerning eye is always searching for breath-taking new perspectives. One of his current goals is to hike and photograph all 175+ mountains, peaks, hills, cliffs and ledges that surround Lake George, each with their own unique view of the lake.

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Pickel Huletts Post Card Show

Time 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM FHHL Gallery

With more than 120 different cards, the Pickel collection is likely the most comprehensive of cards of Huletts Landing specifically. These encompass real photo cards, the color lithography cards from Germany made from photographs taken by the Detroit Photographic Company and many more recent cards up to color photographs from Richard Dean.

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Retreat and Re-wine!

Time 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Come re-wine at a fundraiser for the outreach program of the Women’s Guild of Huletts Landing. Bring a bottle of wine and an appetizer to share.The outreach program provides funds for local needs like fuel, food, clothing and scholarships.

Donation is $10 per person.

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Trustee Meeting

Time 9:00 AM FHHL Gallery

The trustees will meet on Saturday June 24th from 9-10:30 AM at the FHHL Gallery. Bring your ideas!

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A Walk Up Broadway: History, Architecture, and Life on Manhattan’s Longest Street

Time 7:00 PM Mountain Grove Memorial Church

Broadway is the only street which runs the whole length of Manhattan island. Tom Keating, curator and treasurer of the FHHL is also a Big Apple Greeter, part of a Welcome-Visitor Service from NYC Volunteers. He walked Broadway over five days and took photos of whatever interested him and you will see it all in this presentation. Broadway is rich in 19th. and early 20th. century architecture and the character of the street changes as you move through different neighborhoods. Come enjoy a richly illustrated talk!

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