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Piano Concert: An Evening with Lincoln Mayorga

Time 7:30 PM Mountain Grove Memorial Church (now air-conditioned!)

Mr. Mayorga is bringing his incredible talent back to Huletts Landing with a program that will include the Preludes by Chopin, a salute to the "Tin-Pan Alley" songwriters of the 20th century, including Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Jerome Kern along with a dash of Disney! He has had a long career and the LA Times has called his artistry, “Impeccable pianism”. Tickets are $20 (cash or check) and may be purchased by contacting Barbara Wilford at 518-499-0739, Donna Williams at 518-499-2712 or



Proceeds will be used for community outreach.

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The Annual Silent Art Auction!

Time 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM FHHL Gallery

The auction invites the work of  talented amateurs and experienced professional artists of all ages who retain most of the sale price! Everyone with an artistic bent, whether photography, painting, hand crafts, sculpture or woodworking is invited to participate. Grandchildren's work is especially popular with Grandparents. It's a fun event and a chance to schmooze with your neighbors near the end of Summer.

This has been an extremely popular event each year and draws 80 to 100 people. It is a silent Auction where you write your bids on cards by the painting or other work of art. If you win you then pay our esteemed Treasurer-Curator-Event Organizer.

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Community Supper Potluck

Time 6:00 PM

Come enjoy a Huletts Landing Community Supper on Wednesday, July 26th at the Washington County Park Pavilion. Bring a large prepared main dish or salad to share. Iced tea, lemonade, water and desserts provided. BYO cutlery, dishwater and preferred cocktail.

Sponsored by The Women's Guild of Huletts Landing.

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Fire House News

This newsletter information is a comprehensive update of the work of our volunteer fire department. Your 2016 donations enabled the community to obtain 5 AED’s and certify 75 residents in CPR . We now have Medical Direction from Glens Falls Hospital, for the community AED that is mounted on the caddie shack at the Huletts Golf Course. Our newly acquired Stair Chair has already been used 3 times in medical responses. Firemen are now being given additional video training at our fire house. An ice rescue pole, extending to 60 feet, has been added to our rescue and fire fighting equipment.

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Animals Around the World

Time 10:00 AM FHHL Gallery

Our first children's event of the summer will be hosted by Bernie Hoffman of the Pember Museum and feature animals from around the globe. It is a hands-on morning, she will have hides or pelts, along with antlers and skulls of animals native to Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America and Australia. From Zebras to Kangaroos, it will be a world of fun. And of course she will bring an animal friend to introduce to everyone.

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Peter Mitchell, Adirondack Photographs

Time 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM FHHL Gallery

Please join us at a wine and cheese reception for the opening of our gallery show of the work of Peter Mitchell. The show will run until August 12, but don't miss the opening. Peter Mitchell has lived, hiked and photographed Lake George for more than 30 years. His discerning eye is always searching for breath-taking new perspectives. One of his current goals is to hike and photograph all 175+ mountains, peaks, hills, cliffs and ledges that surround Lake George, each with their own unique view of the lake.

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Retreat and Re-wine!

Time 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Come re-wine at a fundraiser for the outreach program of the Women's Guild of Huletts Landing. Bring a bottle of wine and an appetizer to share.The outreach program provides funds for local needs like fuel, food, clothing and scholarships.

Donation is $10 per person.

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Pickel Huletts Post Card Show

Time 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM FHHL Gallery

With more than 120 different cards, the Pickel collection is likely the most comprehensive of cards of Huletts Landing specifically. These encompass real photo cards, the color lithography cards from Germany made from photographs taken by the Detroit Photographic Company and many more recent cards up to color photographs from Richard Dean.

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Trustee Meeting

Time 9:00 AM FHHL Gallery

The trustees will meet on Saturday June 24th from 9-10:30 AM at the FHHL Gallery. Bring your ideas!

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A Walk Up Broadway: History, Architecture, and Life on Manhattan’s Longest Street

Time 7:00 PM Mountain Grove Memorial Church

Broadway is the only street which runs the whole length of Manhattan island. Tom Keating, curator and treasurer of the FHHL is also a Big Apple Greeter, part of a Welcome-Visitor Service from NYC Volunteers. He walked Broadway over five days and took photos of whatever interested him and you will see it all in this presentation. Broadway is rich in 19th. and early 20th. century architecture and the character of the street changes as you move through different neighborhoods. Come enjoy a richly illustrated talk!

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